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Thursday 28 July 2011

Saraswati Statues, Lord Shiva Statues and Nataraja Statues

Gods and Goddesses have been revered in India for thousands of years. No matter where in the world Indians live, their Gods find a place in their homes. Indians the world over understand and appreciate their heritage. Indians love to adorn their houses with Saraswati Statues, Lord Shiva Statues and Nataraja Statues; these deities make the house look warm and inviting and give people a sense of security. These are just a few of the many Gods in Hindu Mythology. Hindu Mythology is vast and people believe in different Gods and Goddesses, depending largely on family beliefs and traditions.

Gods and Goddesses in India signify different beliefs; for example, Saraswati is the Goddess of knowledge, music and the arts. Indians all around the world pray to her for she is the “mother of the Vedas”. Saraswati is depicted many times as a very beautiful woman who dresses in pure white; she is mostly seen as being seated on a white lotus. This signifies her devotion to the absolute truth; she is believed to be the depiction of knowledge; someone with the understanding of the Highest Reality. She is also identified by veena, a string instrument. People associate Saraswati with the color white, which is the color of purity. Sometimes she is also associated with the color yellow, which is the color of the mustard plant that blooms in full abundance during the spring, the time of her festival.

Lord Shiva is considered the Supreme God in Hindu mythology. He is also considered as one of the five basic forms of God. Believers worship Lord Shiva religiously and zealously. Lord Shiva is always shown garlanded with a snake, which depicts his perpetuity and wisdom. The statue of Lord Shiva will always have a trishul (trident) in his right hand; the trident is the representation of his three gunas with which he rules the world.

Lord Nataraja is known as the King of Dance. He is an avatar of Lord Shiva portrayed as a dancer who performs for God Brahma (The Creator) and urges him to start the creation process. The statue of Lord Nataraja will always have a damru (small drum) in his hand.

These statues not only have religious significance, but also give a very Indian feel to your home. Statues of Saraswati, Shiva and Nataraja find a place in the homes of not just pious Indians, but anyone who holds music and dance in high regard as art forms.

If you want to make your home more Indian so that it reminds you of your childhood days spent climbing trees and stealing mangoes in India, these statues will definitely take you back to the colorful festivals of India and your childhood days gone by. Buy a statue of a God or Goddess that is of some significance to you and reminds you of your grandma’s stories, for no Indian has grown up without stories of the many Gods and Goddesses and their unique and exciting adventures.

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