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Wednesday 5 October 2011

Religious Statues and Sculptures

To look for exclusive and beautiful religious statues and sculptures for decorative or spiritual purposes can be challenging. You may find such statues made in precious metals like gold and silver at Indian jewelry stores, but coming across some in materials other than metals, such as fiber reinforced plastic (FRP), resin, wood or stone is slightly more difficult. In situations such as these, resources like the Internet come handy. You can hit upon a number of websites that are dedicated to showcasing different types of statues and sculptures made by the owner company, by simply searching for your requirement on any web search engine. Different companies sell different products, therefore it is best to know exactly what you are looking for and if not, have plenty of time to browse around and shortlist items you like.

Indian mythology showcases the various deities in a wide range of moods, names and expressions, hence statues made to capture their essence can be found in a variety of styles and designs. There are many options when it comes to religious statues and sculpture, but some of the most popular are intricately designed statues of Lord Krishna, Lord Ganesha, Goddess Laxmi, Goddess Saraswati, Saibaba, Jalaram, Ram – Sita, Shakuntala, Parshvanath, and Shreenathji. The statues come in various sizes, not to mention the differences in postures and expressions in different statues.

For instance, Lord Ganesha may be in a standing posture, sitting on his royal throne, or lying down. On the other hand goddess Saraswati is always sitting, but the statue may be elaborately carved or simply made to show her elegantly sitting on a lotus with a sitar in her hand. Another example could be of Lord Krishna, who is an expression or Avatar of one of the greater gods, Vishnu. In India you may notice that Krishna is also known as Kishan Bhagwan, Murlidhar, Shreenathji, Vasudeva, Gopala, Jagannatha, and Vithoba. You may find many different statues of Krishna in the market, which capture poses from his countless legendary stories. Gopala or Bal Krishna are statues of Krishna as a child, while Shreenathji is a Rajasthani interpretation of the God with him wearing a traditional Rajasthani outfit. On the other hand, other statues of Krishna may have him playing the flute leaning on a cow, standing alone playing the flute or with Radha next to him.

The variety of religious statues and sculptures you may chance upon in the market is amazing. You can always count on finding the perfect statue of your deity or saint, if you take a little time and browse through a few websites. All you have to do is have a material in mind, and know a range in size that you prefer.

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