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Wednesday 7 December 2011

Indian Gods’ Statues

Hinduism is one of the oldest religions in history. While Hindus are believed to have 330 million gods, all devotees believe that there is only one almighty God. This concept may be hard to understand for some. Maybe the following example might be of assistance to shed some light on this idea. Think of a tree that is huge and wide spread. Now if the tree was the ultimate God, the almighty, then its many branches can be said to be the millions of gods worshipped by Hindus. And the leaves can be thought of as the different Avatars or manifestations of the various gods and goddesses. In view of the fact that there are so many gods and goddesses, and that Hindus believe in idol worship, you can come across a wide variety of Indian gods’ statues for sale at online stores.

Some of the most popularly celebrated deities in Hinduism are Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Goddess Durga, Lord Hanuman, Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Vishnu, Goddess Saraswati, Goddess Lakshami and Lord Shani. Every god is worshipped and praised for his characteristics and legendary life incidences. If we talk about Lord Ram; his characteristics which stood him apart were morality and virtue. These traits made him an ideal son and king of his time. While many have heard of the epic, Ramayana, only a few have read the Sanskrit book that may be considered to be the life story and principal scripture about Lord Rama. Ramayana was written by saint Valmiki and is considered as one of the important epics in the religion.

Lord Rama is also known as Shri Ram, Ramachandra and Maryada Purushottama and believed to be the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu. This king of Ayodhya’s names has specific meanings that are metaphoric representations of his many characteristics. Ramachandra literally means Rama like the full moon in all its glory. On the other hand Maryada Purushottama translates into being the epitome of righteousness. Lord Rama is also recognized in Jainism as one of the nine, white Balas. Commonly chanted mantras of Rama are ‘Ram Naam Satya Hai’ and ‘Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram’. The mantra, ‘Ram Naam Satya Hai’ is chanted by Hindus from all over the world while carrying a dead body to be cremated. This is done so to imply that the body which can no longer say the lord’s name is of no value to the living world and hence is to be reduced to ashes.

There are many short stories about Lord Rama that aspire the devotees to live righteously and on the path of truth at all times. You can find Lord Rama or other Indian gods statues in most Hindu homes. And while you may belong to another religion, it may be interesting to realize how all the religious teaching and implications point towards that one Almighty God.

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